Eclipse Systems, Inc. warrants all components manufactured by Eclipse Systems, Inc. to be free of defects in material and workmanship subject to the following terms, conditions and limitations: (a) The components must have been installed and maintained in strict accordance with Eclipse Systems, Inc. installation instructions and recommendations, all applicable safety codes, building standards and be used under normal conditions and services; (b) The warranty is for a term of one year from date of shipment and written notice of any defects is received by Eclipse Systems, Inc., within that one year period; (c) The only liability of Eclipse Systems, Inc. for breach of this expressed warranty is, at the cost and expense of Eclipse Systems, Inc., to replace such defective components; (d) Items manufactured by others and supplied by Eclipse Systems, Inc. carry the warranty of the manufacturer only and do not include any charges for freight or labor, (e) Eclipse Systems, Inc. makes no other warranties or representations, either expressed or implied, concerning the fitness of a product for a particular purpose. In no event will Eclipse Systems, Inc. be liable for direct, indirect, special or consequential damages, including but not limited to, loss of profits or use. Materials used or installed cannot be returned for credit unless approved in writing, by Eclipse Systems, Inc.

Fire Rating
All Door Frames carry a 20 Minute-PP-S Fire Rating up to 8-0 x 9-0 Pair Frame.

Fire test results are on file at
Intertek Testing Services in Antioch, California
(408) 263-2201
Eclipse Frame Information and Installation Instructions
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20 Minute Rated Door Frame Instructions by Eclipse Systems
Standard Flush Trim Sidelite Installation Instructions by Eclipse Systems
Standard or Flush Trim System Borrowed Lite Frame Instructions by Eclipse Systems
Compression System Sidelite Frame Instructions by Eclipse Systems
Compression Style Glazin Mullion Instructions by Eclipse Systems
Aluminum Door & Window Frames by Eclipse Systems Inc.

Product Information
Aluminum Door Frame & Glazing Systems

Eclipse Systems Interior Aluminum Door Frame and Glazing Systems are designed to provide the precision lines and architectural detail that only aluminum can offer. 

Eclipse Door Frames are manufactured in four common throat sizes:         
3-3/4”, 4-7/8”, 5-1/4” and 7-1/4”.

Frames are fabricated from 6063T5 alloy and tempered with a nominal wall thickness of 0.080.

All Eclipse components are stocked in Dark Bronze and Commercial Clear Anodized finishes. Custom color baked enamel finishes are also available.

Door Frames are factory mortised and reinforced for standard 4-1/2” x 4-1/2” 0.134 hinges.  Strike legs are reinforced for standard ASA  –  4-7/8” strike. T-Strike and Reversible Flush Bolt Head preps are also available upon request.

All frames are fitted and shipped with continuous pre-installed felt weather stripping. Frames are packaged as knockdown, three-piece units.  Cut net lengths available upon request.

All mitered Door Frames are shipped with mitered trim and corner clips necessary for installation.  

Eclipse Door Frames are designed to work interchangeably with Eclipse Glazing Components for all Compression, Standard Trim and Flush Trim Glazing Assemblies.  All Vinyl Glazing Components are manufactured in both 3-3/4” and 4-7/8”. Vinyl Glazing Components are manufactured for 1/4” and 3/8” glass.  

Eclipse Frame Installation Instructions

Below is detailed information about how to install Eclipse frames. If you have any additional questions about how to install our frames or sidelites please contact us.
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